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What's Franklin doing on the moon? Using love to help the moon people, of course!

Help Franklin help the moon people, by throwing your love into Franklin. The moon people will thank you for it. But don't give them too many Benjamins...

Play Instructions:

You can either throw you money directly into the moon people, or, throw your money, then throw your love into your money, while aiming your left controller in the direction you want the money to go. Money flies!

Game starts the first time you pull the trigger, and you have 60 seconds to help as many moon people as you can. After the game is up, pull either trigger to start the game again. Careful about giving the moon people too many Benjamins, though...

Built for the HTC Vive

Created by Oskar Perskaas (itch.io) and Yuki Hirayama (LinkedIn)

Please Note: Latest build has not been tested on Vive (was modified after testing at VRJAM16). If someone tries it, please leave a comment letting us know if it still works!

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file, run the .exe.


FranklinOnTheMoon-Vive.zip 68 MB

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